Meet The Luminance Team

Why Choose Luminance Recovery?

Luminance Recovery offers a comfortable environment, trained professionals, and compassionate support staff to help people like you overcome addiction. Our goal is simple: to empower every client to understand their value, reconnect with the people they love, and – most importantly – free themselves from the burden of substance addiction.

Our approach integrates a personalized treatment plan for every patient, based on their unique needs. Treatment begins with detox, which includes 24-hour care, stabilization, and medical attention for discomfort and withdrawal. After detox, clients move to the next phase of recovery: a 30, 60, or 90-day inpatient recovery program, where our team stands by their side every step of the way.

At Luminance Recovery, you’re a client – not a patient

Unlike some recovery centers, Luminance offers a comfortable, home-like environment. Our accommodations are peaceful, not like a clinic or hospital. During recovery, you’ll live in our seaside housing facility, engage with a professional therapist, and learn to renew your sense of confidence and hope. Additionally, you’ll learn to use art therapy, equestrian therapy, wilderness therapy, yoga, and meditation to guide your recovery at Luminance Recovery and when you return home.

Admissions Process

  • Contact Us – Call Luminance Recovery to learn about your recovery options.
  • Insurance – Luminance accepts coverage from a host of insurance providers. Find out if yours is included.
  • Assessment – Complete a 15-30 minute assessment of you / your loved one’s trauma history and addiction.
  • Arrival & Check-In – We’ll work with you to coordinate travel arrangements that meet your needs.

Co-Occurring Disorders, Trauma, & PTSD

Mental illness contributes to addiction and isn’t your fault. If you experience depression, our doctors can uncover this – along with other co-occurring disorders – so you can begin treatment in conjunction with your addiction recovery. Additionally, we offer specialized treatment for PTSD, trauma, and addiction-compulsive disorders. For treating co-occurring disorders, our goal is to provide relief from the debilitating symptoms of PTSD and trauma so you can rebuild healthy relationships and develop a sense of security.

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Luminance Core Values

It’s not easy to live up to these standards – to be the best, most compassionate, the most innovative. We take pride in what we’ve accomplished. But we’re constantly evolving because there’s always more we can do to raise the bar. It will take bravery and stamina to continue the legacy we’ve established. But in typical Luminance fashion, we’re always up for a challenge.

Our Core Values