Core Values

Core Values


  • Provide care, love and compassion with the intent of transforming every life we touch. We believe that an organization comprised of people with passion and purpose can change the world for better


  • We act with honor and do the right thing for: our clients, our employees, our company, and our communities

Relentless Innovation

  • Be bold, continuously aim to redefine the addiction treatment industry and improve recovery success rates for the purpose of profound societal change


  • We operate as one cohesive and collegial company that supports our team to be successful, promotes communication and celebrates shared accomplishments.

Strive for Excellence

  • Exceed expectations in all we do – focus on action and results.

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Luminance Core Values

It’s not easy to live up to these standards – to be the best, most compassionate, the most innovative. We take pride in what we’ve accomplished. But we’re constantly evolving because there’s always more we can do to raise the bar. It will take bravery and stamina to continue the legacy we’ve established. But in typical Luminance fashion, we’re always up for a challenge.

Our Core Values