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Addiction Recovery: How to Keep Your Mind Occupied


Going through recovery is tough and any addicted individual may have to deal with a number of factors that could threaten their sobriety. This makes finding things to occupy your mind even more important. The best option is to find anything that can keep you focused without any potential triggers that could make you feel the need to use or drink again. Here are some tips that you may be able to utilize to keep your mind occupied.

Pick Up a Hobby

Do you like to let your artistic style flow? Maybe you enjoy gardening. In any case, taking the time to create a hobby for yourself could keep your mind off of your old addiction. The more time you spend doing things that make you happy, the better.

Volunteer to Help Others

In some cases, helping others can be gratifying for someone who is in recovery. Try going to serve food to the homeless or help out at a pet rescue. There are numerous opportunities and options for you to volunteer and find a better purpose.

Focus On Your Health

While you should occupy your mind during recovery, it’s also important to improve your physical health during this time. Try hiking and exercising, doing any activity that can help you get healthier. It also occupies your mind and time.


Take the time to focus on you, clear your mind, and give yourself peace when you feel that you may be struggling. Even if it’s just random moments throughout the day, shut down some of the thoughts you may have and give yourself time to reflect on your reason for getting sober.

At Luminance Recovery, we are well aware that occupying your time can be very beneficial in reaching the success you desire. Take the time to learn and listen during your recovery. You may find some things that you would like to try and receive advice from your loved ones that will help you focus on the positive things. We’re here to help you.

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