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Common Signs of Relapse and What to Do


Numerous studies, as well as scholars, attest to the fact that relapse is a serious threat to anyone who has gone through the recovery process but still faces various challenges in life. Some individuals argue that relapse occurs when an addict flashbacks on the days when he or she used to abuse a substance. Whether you are the individual dealing with addiction or someone you loves suffers from addiction, it’s important to understand the importance of recognizing signs of relapse.

These are just some of the things you should be aware of:

Change in Moods

If after the recovery process, you have noticed that there is a more negative attitude than in the past, this may be a sign of relapse. Typically, a person will act a specific way when they are struggling with addiction. They will act a different manner when sober. If you are seeing any of these mood changes, make sure you notice the actions.

Hanging Around Old Negative Influences

If the individual in recovery is hanging out with the same people he or she was around during the addiction, this may be cause for concern. These are often the influences that cause someone to abuse drugs or alcohol to begin with and exposure to them can result in a relapse.

Showing Signs of Withdrawals

If you notice the individual going through signs of withdrawals, it’s possible that they used or drank again and stopped for a few days, causing them to struggle with the withdrawals. It’s important to look for shakiness, change in mood and appetite, illnesses, and more which can signify a person is going through the withdrawal process.

At Luminance Recovery, we focus on helping people overcome their struggles with addiction. It is our goal to help the addicted individual and his or her family recognize signs of a problem so action can be taken quickly to find a remedy. Let us put your needs and well-being first on our priority list and work to guide you to the success you desire.

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