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What to Expect When Receiving Treatment for Addiction


One of the first things that a person who is addicted needs to do before receiving treatment is admit that they have a problem. While it may seem like an easy thing to do, there are numerous addicted individuals who feel that there is no problem and they can stop whatever they are doing at any time. Unfortunately, if they don’t admit there is a problem, it becomes more difficult to get treatment. However, if they can admit, there are certain things of treatment they should understand.

Detox & Withdrawals

Before the full rehabilitation process can start, it’s important for the addicted individual to go through the detoxification process. This means that withdrawals will also come. Withdrawals can often have serious effects on a person, causing them to shiver, feel ill, and go through other physically and mentally draining results.


During the rehabilitation process, there are a number of therapeutic options available for the addicted individual. This can include cognitive behavioral therapy which can help the patient understand the negative situations that caused the individual to use and avoid them. Motivational incentives and interviewing can be used to promote positive behavior and give patients a reason to stay motivated. Group therapy allows parties to discuss their experiences with others in similar situations.


Achieving sobriety is just one step of the process. Maintaining it moving toward the future is another story entirely. You need to take action to live your life without the substances to which you were addicted. This means removing any negative influences, finding a new focus, taking care of your body, keeping your support system close to you, and always keeping recovery as your first priority, regardless of the situation.

Our team at Luminance Recovery is dedicated to helping our patients get through the whole process, working with you every step of the way. Once you decide you want to be sober, we will be there to guide you, providing you with the resources you need to be successful in your journey towards recovery.

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