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What Does a Heroin Addict Look Like?


Often times, it’s difficult to accept that our loved ones may be addicts. You see small signs but you brush it off, thinking it’s just a phase. Don’t be neglectful, seek help for your daughter, son, cousin, spouse, or other loved one before it’s too late. Heroin is a deadly drug that is one of the strongest and most addictive. Around the world, there are an estimated 9.2 billion people who use heroin; help your loved one be one less user.

Here are some signs of a heroin addict:

1. Look at The Physical

Chances are if your loved one is a heroin addict, their physical health will change. Some major things to look for are dry mouth and warm flushes. Often times, he/she may be warm and sweaty as if they are having a fever. Vomiting and itching are also something to be aware of, these are all signs of a heroin addict.

2. Observe Their Behavior

Heroin addicts continue to use the drug time and time again because many are afraid of withdrawal symptoms that physically cause pain when the drug isn’t in their system. For this reason, addicts most often can’t resist the urge to continue using. Spotting behaviors such as drowsiness, short-attention spans, and long hours of sleep are easy signs of a heroin addict.

As soon as these are detected, immediately seek help for your loved one. Nearly all addicts will deny their strange behaviors in order to continue using, don’t be susceptible to their excuses!

3. The Obvious Signs

Look for materials that he/she might use. Things such as spoons, aluminum foil, gum wrappers, rubber bands, shoe laces, and needles are possessions to keep a mindful eye for. Be especially aware if any of these materials have burn marks or dark tar on the surface, these are clear signs your loved one is a heroin addict. Small bruises and needle marks are obvious signs as well.

Heroin is a risk every time used. Please seek help for your loved one before it’s too late. Our team at Luminance Recovery offers a plethora of information on drug addiction and methods of making a path to a sober, clean, and healthy lifestyle. Get the treatment you need today.

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