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The Increasing Problem of Opiate Overdose


When individuals typically discuss a drug addiction, they may think of the common street drugs that they often hear about such as heroin, cocaine, or methamphetamine. While these are some of the drugs that account for the problem in the nation, they are not the only issues. One drug that people don’t often consider — but is a much bigger problem than some would like to admit — is opiates, or prescription pain killers.

According to the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in 2014, there was a record number of deaths as a result from overdose. Of the total number of deaths, more than six out of 10 were a result of drug overdoses involving opiates. Since 1999, the sales of prescription opioids has nearly quadrupled in the nation. Similarly, in the same time frame, the number of deaths involving opioid overdose has nearly quadrupled.

One of the issues involving opioid overdose is the ease in which many individuals are able to acquire these prescription drugs. The accessibility is there, making it easier for addicted individuals to get some opioids in larger quantities. This epidemic has caused the government and others to take action in order to help combat the problem.

This includes encouraging individuals to drop off unused and old prescription drugs to specified locations instead of discarding them publicly or allowing them to get into the hands of others. This has helped in numerous locations throughout the nation, but it isn’t the only measure being taken. The goal is also to make prescribing doctors and pharmacists more aware to help prevent them from prescribing these drugs so easily.

Our team at Luminance Recovery is aware of the issues involving opiate use and overdose. Our Orange County drug rehabilitation center focuses on our patients’ needs and guides them towards recovery, helping them before something worse or life-threatening can happen. Don’t let the effects of drugs result in serious injury or death.

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