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Recognizing the Potential Signs of Addiction


Do you know how to recognize the potential signs of your loved one having an addiction? There isn’t a surefire way to tell when someone has developed an addiction, especially because most addictions take time to occur. Addiction isn’t something that you wake up with one day. However, understanding and recognizing the potential signs of addiction can help the individual get treatment early on in the process. Here are some things for which you should watch.

Change In Behavior

When someone is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they will often exhibit a change in their attitude and behavior. They may stop going to work, sleeping all the time, or becoming irritable when they are approached about certain things. If your loved one is acting differently, it could be a sign of something more serious.

Body Changes

Is your loved one losing weight? Maybe they are gaining weight. This could be an impact of drug or alcohol use. In many situations, this can lead to serious health problems that are dangerous for the addicted individual.

New, Unusual Friends

Have you noticed your loved one hanging out with people they have never been around before? Check to see if these individuals exhibit some of the potential signs of addiction, as well. Knowing the people your loved one hangs around can be one potential sign of what they are up to on a daily basis.

Secretive Actions

Because addicts often try to hide their addictions, they may start acting secretively, trying to hide their whereabouts or what they are doing each day. They may walk away during phone conversations or turn their phone away while sending text messages.

If you recognize potential signs of addiction, you should not feel bad about expressing your concerns. Talking to your loved one is always healthy if it is done correctly. If you need help, you can reach out to our Southern California drug and alcohol rehabilitation center, Luminance Recovery. We are here to guide individuals struggling with addiction to the life of sobriety they deserve.

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