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Signs of a Hidden Drug Addiction


If you suspect that a loved one may have a hidden drug addiction, it may be difficult to confirm this suspicion. How can you tell that it is more than just a hunch or a feeling? What signs should you look for? Here, our Orange County drug rehabilitation center hopes to shed some light on this important subject. At Luminance Recovery we believe in providing our patients and their families with the information they need to make the right choices about treatment.

Common Signs of a Drug Addiction

Although every person is different and may be affected by drugs in varying ways, the following may be indicative of a drug addiction:

  • Changes in appearance: weight loss, weight gain, bloodshot eyes, or sickly appearance
  • Loss of appetite
  • Difficulty sleeping, or loss of interest in sleeping
  • Lack of interest in personal hygiene
  • Memory loss, lost time, and blackouts
  • Loss of interest in activities once enjoyed, such as sports, hobbies, education, or exercise
  • Financial problems, including borrowing or stealing money
  • Secretive behavior, as though hiding something
  • Changes in social circles and social activities
  • Personality changes, particularly angry outbursts, irritability, or unexplained euphoria
  • Highs and lows, periods of unexplained hyperactivity followed by crashing lows
  • Changes in health: unexplained nosebleeds, headaches, tremors, or seizures
  • Paranoia

If you have noticed these signs, please do not hesitate to call our Orange County rehab center. While a single sign may not indicate drug use, a number of them may mean you are dealing with a real addiction. We can answer your questions and can conduct an assessment to determine the severity of the problem and exactly how we can help. With 30, 60, and 90-day inpatient programs at our seaside facility, we can address your loved one’s addiction with a plan tailored to suit his or her needs.

Call (714) 408-9609 to get compassionate, effective drug addiction help.

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