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Start Your Year Off Right: Take the Step to Get Treatment


Our Orange County drug and alcohol rehabilitation center would like to wish you a Happy New Year!

Now that the celebrations and parties are over, it is time to make a step in the right direction.

Individuals who are addicted should take the time to get the treatment they need. Similarly, if you recognize someone you love is dealing with addiction, you should know how to approach them about what’s going on and how you can get them help. ​

The New Year is the perfect time for individuals to make a change, especially if they have been talking about it and wanting to get sober. At the end of the day, though, the addicted individual should be ready to get treatment, because if they are not, it makes the possibility of relapse a real concern. Before taking the step to get treatment, follow these basic steps:

  • Understand what is going to happen
  • Prepare yourself for the issues you will face
  • Talk to someone about recovery
  • Be sure you’re ready to make the change
  • Commit yourself to the process

There are plenty of things you need to expect when making the decision to get treatment such as the intake process, potential withdrawals, and the long-term battle to overcome addiction and get sober. Luckily, if you do make the decision to get treatment this new year, you have options that can help you get through everything and set you up for success in remaining sober over the long haul.

At Luminance Recovery, we have the tools and resources necessary to help our patients prepare and go through the recovery process, focusing on their best interests every step of the way. We have had tremendous success helping individuals throughout Southern California and beyond get the help they need. You are our top priority and we want to ensure that your recovery is a major focus for our team.

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