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Addiction and substance abuse infiltrates every piece of a person’s life – from health, to work, to how one interacts with friends and family. One of the biggest fears one may have about turning to a rehab center to pursue a full recovery is the idea of leaving life behind during the time it takes to get clean. The truth is that your life is not your own when you are an addict. It belongs to your illness. It belongs to your triggers and the drugs or alcohol that have taken over. Seeking help probably looks like an insurmountable challenge, but it is a challenge worth taking and one that you do not have to face on your own.

Symptoms and Warning Signs

Am I an addict? Is my loved one an addict? Identifying the problem is the first step to knowing how to address it. Addiction affects everyone differently, but some signs are clear and being able to recognize them can help save a life, whether it be your own or the life of someone you care for.


  • Blacking out.
  • Irritability, mood swings, depression.
  • Using alcohol as a crutch to deal with problems.
  • Headaches, nausea, anxiety.
  • Chronic diarrhea or bloody/black stools.
  • Secretive drinking habits.

Drug Addiction

  • Neglecting one’s responsibilities, such as school, work, or family.
  • Engaging in high risk behavior while high.
  • Legal trouble as a result of drug use.
  • Life revolves around drug use.
  • Abandonment of things you once enjoyed.
  • Continued use of drugs despite its resulting problems (blackouts, infections, paranoia, depression).

Addiction and its Destruction

Substance abuse does not simply ravage the body in an innumerable amount of ways, but the life you live as well. Maybe you lost your job, a relationship, or created a contentious environment with your family or friends. Chances are, as your addiction gets worse, more pieces of your life will begin to travel down the same rabbit hole with it. However, you do not have to accept this, because the act of reversal can begin at any time, as long as you want it. An addict might think they are losing something by letting go of their crutch, but the truth is your addiction has already cost you. This is what you will get back when you make the decision to recover:

Reconcile with family and friends: When addiction takes hold of your life, it reverberates throughout and it is likely that family and friends feel a sense of estrangement toward you due to your substance abuse. Maybe you said or did things you wish you could take back, but are now unsure or afraid of what fixing these relationships will entail. It might take time, or it might be quick, but if you put the effort in, you can mend this part of your life.

Get your job back: Addiction and a career do not mix. When your life revolves around drugs or alcohol, it is impossible to focus on anything else, which means your job was one of the first casualties of your addiction. Getting clean means you can begin to get back on track with this part of your life.

Financial security: This goes hand in hand with getting your job back. Even if you managed to hold onto your job with your addiction, it is likely that your paycheck was used not to support your life, but to support your addiction. You probably used every last penny and possibly stole or lied your way into getting more money from friends or family, even total strangers. You will not have to live in this constant state of financial uncertainty when you cease to be a slave to your addiction.

You want to be yourself again: Rebuilding relationships with your friends and family, and taking control of your finances are all important steps in your recovery process. However, the most important thing that you may have forgotten is yourself. In the throes of your addiction, you most likely acted in a way that was very unlike the person you are. You became someone who lost a sense of self-worth, someone who thought you needed your addiction because it was the only thing worthwhile in life. Recovery means remembering that none of that is true, because you will gradually regain the person that your addiction fought to keep down. You cannot change the past, but the future is another story, and the future is exactly what you will get back.

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