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Alcohol, unlike most of the other, more common substances individuals abuse, is completely accessible and legal to anyone over the age of 21. Additionally, alcohol is everywhere in media and everyday establishments. For these reasons, alcohol abuse and addictions are quite common and can easily be developed in any individual of any background. Once developed, alcohol addiction can be easily hid, and abusers of it become so accustomed to its lifestyle that it’s rare they take action for themselves in making a positive change.

If your or someone you love is ready to experience freedom from alcohol abuse, get in touch with our Orange County alcohol treatment center today.

Signs of Potential Alcohol Abuse or Addiction

Everyone’s addiction is different because everyone is different. However, there are certain patterns that indicate a potentially destructive usage of alcohol, and these may be even more common than we think.

  • Hiding One’s Drinking: Many abusers will start to feel guilty about their habit and start concealing it. This can be done throughout the day at work, or even be as subtle as rotating markets in which the individual buys alcohol so as to make it seem less frequent.
  • Strained Relationships: Alcohol abusers may notice friends drifting away from them. In many cases, abusers will do this themselves in order to protect their addiction.
  • Binge Drinking: Though an abuser may not need to drink every day, it still may indicate a potential problem if when he or she does drink, it is to the point of dangerous excess.

If you can relate to any of these symptoms or have identified them in the life of a loved one, now is the time to consider our alcohol rehab in Orange County. To learn more, contact Luminance Recovery now – or learn more about addiction treatment and what to expect when you choose Luminance Recovery.

Treating Alcohol Addiction at Luminance Recovery

Alcohol addictions range in severity. Some addicts will immediately need medical assistance for withdrawals upon detoxification, while others simply need help reversing their habit and establishing a healthier lifestyle. One of our many attributes at Luminance Recovery is the ability to professionally assess your personal, individual difficulties and begin treatment plans accordingly with our experienced, helpful medical and counseling staff.

After your initial detoxification, our team will begin to confront the trauma and other personal history that may have contributed to your dependency on alcohol. Once we have done this, and you have learned the reasoning behind your addiction, you will then have the tools necessary to leave our facilities and continue to sustain your sober lifestyle long into the future.

When working with the professionals at our Orange County rehab, you receive individualized treatment aimed at permanent solutions that follow you out into your life outside of rehabilitation.

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