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Demerol Addiction & Rehab Treatment in Orange County

Alleviating Physical and Psychological Dependency

Demerol is a pain killer used in hospitals worldwide. Used in a medical setting, the drug is controlled, which prevents a patient’s dependence on the drug. However, in many cases, Demerol is prescribed by a doctor to patients to reduce their pain after a surgery or for another, ongoing condition. Under these circumstances, it becomes easier for users to gradually increase their dosage, and then gradually increase their dependence on the drug.

Because Demerol interacts with the neurotransmitters in the brain that signal pain to the rest of the body, dependence on this drug affects both physical and psychological capacities, forcing the mind and body into perceived pain in its absence. Without support from a medical and psychological staff, an individual may undergo a critical medical condition that would require emergency attention.

Signs of Demerol Abuse

Because it is so addictive, it’s important for everyone to know Demerol abuse symptoms. The following is a list are obvious Demerol abuse warning signs if you think a love one is abusing this painkiller.

  • Ceaseless sweating, regardless of the temperature or climate
  • Constant itchiness and scratching
  • Inability to focus, tendency to pass out in the middle of a conversation
  • Breathing is extremely slow or even stops at times (respiratory suppression is a common fatal effect)
  • Frequent and severe headaches accompanied by a sense of disorientation that comes on suddenly
It may not seem like a very serious issue, but one of the first Demerol abuse symptoms to show up is constipation. Once severe enough, constipation can cause sepsis—a deadly infection caused by the circulatory system being poisoned by the contents of the bowels.

Professional Demerol Addiction Treatment

Those exhibiting withdrawal symptoms from painkiller addiction may experience extreme muscle aching, trouble breathing, insomnia, and waking nightmares. As these are worrisome effects of withdrawal, our team provides 24/7 monitoring and medication aimed at reducing these effects and counteracting them. Our professionals will then assess the psychological aspects of a Demerol addiction with treatment designed to ease fear, anxiety, and overall cravings.

The team at Luminance Recovery is trained in the normal reactions to a long-term dependency and sudden withdrawal of a substance such as Demerol, and we work around the clock to ensure that our patients are safe and have the best chance a successful detoxification and rehabilitation process. In order to receive the best care for this crucial point in one’s life, call Luminance Recovery today at (714) 408-9609.

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