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In recent decades, ecstasy (MDMA) has become a popular drug, generally used to enhance clubbing and dancing experiences. The synthetic drug evolved out of methamphetamine compounds and can be come heavily addictive. Like methamphetamine and other stimulants, ecstasy triggers the flooding of neurotransmitters responsible for pleasurable sensations in the mind and body. The flooding of these neurotransmitters leaves the user neurologically devastated, which drives the user back to the drug.

Immediate effects bring on euphoria and heightened sense of touch, but in prolonged usage can cause memory loss, heart and kidney failure, cerebral hemorrhaging, and even brain damage or failure. This drug is incredibly dangerous and addiction to it warrants immediate professional help to avoid serious and permanent damage in the user.

Detecting Ecstasy Abuse in a Loved One

Initially, you may notice similar effects in an ecstasy abuser as you would in a cocaine or methamphetamine user: signs such as dilated pupils, trouble sleeping, and maniacal behavior. There are some signs, however, that are more indicative of ecstasy use, and these can include:

  • Vertigo or blurry vision that causes stumbling or bumping into objects
  • Desensitization to pain
  • Confusion or paranoia
  • Complaints of muscle pain or discomfort

Ecstasy Abuse Treatment at Luminance Recovery

Prolonged users of ecstasy will become dependent on the drug’s ability to magnify neurotransmitters in the brain such as dopamine and serotonin. Without the drug, users will suffer temporary lack of these vital neurotransmitters, causing severe sadness and depression. Our team of physicals and counselors will work together to counteract these effects during the detoxification process.

Without surveillance, those detoxifying from ecstasy may be a danger to themselves or others, but our program helps protect patients from these overwhelming pitfalls of emotion and instead allows them to engage in productive, healing activities. Call our offices at (714) 408-9609 today to begin treatment for yourself or a loved one addicted to ecstasy.

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