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Heroin Treatment & Addiction Recovery of Orange County

Medically and Therapeutically Attacking Addiction

Heroin is one of the most physically addicting drugs known to us. Once a user develops a heavy addiction, quitting the drug is a much more serious endeavor that requires a medical staff. Heroin abuse and withdrawals need to be treated as a medical condition. Individuals trying to detoxify will most likely experience withdrawal symptoms such as cold sweats, abdominal cramps, and severe nausea or vomiting.

The detoxification process for heroin addiction is perhaps the most prominent reason users do not seek help; they feel as though the pain will be too much to bear. This is precisely why we at Luminance Recovery do everything within our extensive medical and therapeutic resources to alleviate this process and give our patients the best possible heroin treatment options for a chance at a smoother and most more effective recovery.

Treating Heroin Withdrawals and Promoting Recovery

In contrast to other illicit drugs, such as cocaine or MDMA, a dependency on heroin is a much more physical. During detoxification, and without any medicinal support, the body will need the drug in some regard, reacting violently to its absence. The medications below help curb heroin addiction and combat this painful experience. Our staff can offer the following medications:

  • Buprenorphine: reduces heroin cravings
  • Methadone: slowly lowers the level of opiates in the body
  • Naltrexone: blocks neurotransmitters from demanding heroin from the body

Once the withdrawal process is successfully endured, our program then promotes well-being through a healthy diet and productive regiment of activities, including various forms of therapy. In these therapeutic activities, patients at Luminance Recovery begin to address what may have driven them so strongly to the powerful opiate and ways to prevent relapse in the future.

At Luminance Recovery, we believe that the intimidation of a heroin withdrawal should not deter a user from getting the help he or she needs in order to turn a life around in a positive direction. Our staff offers help in all angles of the withdrawal symptoms and adjustment to a new, healthy, and productive way of life, free from the constrains of heroin. Call us today at (714) 408-9609 to get help for a loved one.

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