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Determining when it’s time to get help can be a very difficult thing to do on your own. You may still feel that you’re in control or that you can beat your addiction without the full experience of an inpatient treatment center. While this could be true in rare cases, we know that our treatment methods would not only assist our patients in the initial hardships of battling addiction, but we equip our patients with the tools needed to stay healthy and drug and alcohol free long after their stay at our facility. We aim to and succeed in being your final stand against addiction.

Knowing When to Get Help

It’s true that no two addictions are the same, because no two people are the same. You have an array of life experiences that make you and your addiction unique, but the first goal is to intervene when drugs and alcohol are a destructive force in the significant areas of your life.

Consider professional help if any of the following consequences could be attributed to your drug or alcohol problem:

  • Strained relationships with your family and significant others
  • Trouble with the law
  • Being kicked out of your home
  • Jeopardizing your job or academic pursuits
  • Addiction treatment mandated by the courts
  • Your last attempt at rehab hasn’t been successful

Our patients have always been coming to Luminance Recovery for very different reasons, but those reasons, at their core, are usually the same, and our goal for you is always the same. Patients enter our facility because drugs and alcohol are plaguing their lives, and for each and every one of them, our goal is to rid you of the grips it has on you and teach you how to take control.

Call today at (714) 408-9609 for the effective treatment you need. If not for yourself, do it for those who love you and can no longer watch you throw it all away.

Complete Well-Being

We are committed to your mental & physical well-being. We provide innovative &
holistic care to guide you on your journey to self-discovery & happiness.


Eat restorative, fresh lunches served by the Luminance chef and culinary team. Treat the mind and body by selecting your own breakfast foods and taking turns making meals for the whole house.

Music & Art Therapy

Nothing soothes the soul and encourages self-discovery like music and art. With weekly art sessions, you’ll amaze yourself as you develop a restored sense of empowerment.

Yoga & Meditation

Holistic therapies at Luminance include yoga and meditation. These lifestyle therapies enhance your treatment, allow for deepened self-discovery, and teach relaxation methods to use upon returning home.


While at Luminance, you’ll form a sense of belonging and community with fellow clients and housemates. You’ll learn to engage in a whole new way using our evidence-based practices for shared communication.

Life Skills

Master the skills to liberate yourself. Gain hope and confidence through experiential knowledge for your new way of living. Learn accountability for finances, daily tasks, and communication with others by living and working side-by-side with your housemates.


Re-establish confidence and a sense of achievement as you meet and exceed fitness goals with our personal trainers up to three times a week. In addition, our equine and wilderness therapies engage your whole body and mind.

Luminance Core Values

It’s not easy to live up to these standards – to be the best, most compassionate, the most innovative. We take pride in what we’ve accomplished. But we’re constantly evolving because there’s always more we can do to raise the bar. It will take bravery and stamina to continue the legacy we’ve established. But in typical Luminance fashion, we’re always up for a challenge.

Our Core Values

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