How It Works

How Our Program Works

Treating Addictions – Reconnecting Families

We know you’re tired of it – the fighting, screaming, the late nights waiting up for your loved one suffering from an addiction. You might even be constantly kicking back the recurring thought that it’s somehow you’re fault. You’re holding on to the hope that there must be something you can do, something that will put your child, sibling, significant other back on the path to who they were.

Luminance Recovery is that solution.

Our center takes a different approach to addiction treatment – an approach that works. We devote time and resources to understanding our clients, their root causes of addiction, so we can help them heal and help them remain self-sufficient long after their time spent at our facility.

Personalized Assessments & Treatment Plans

We believe your loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol has a source. And no matter how deeply buried that source is, or how severe their addiction, we take the time to uncover and heal them. We believe our beautiful, spacious, ocean-viewing facility is just the place to begin.

When your loved one enters our facility, we start with:

  • Full Health Assessments: Our team of medical and clinical doctors evaluate your loved one’s medical and mental states. This helps us prepare for detoxification and the next phases.
  • Individualized Therapy: Your loved one will be matched with a counselor who possesses a specialty in drug addiction therapy, as well as other dual-diagnosis factors.

While in Treatment

One-on-one counseling sessions and personalized medical care persists throughout treatment, but we also offer a number of separate therapies, aimed at group connectivity and holistic healing. These additional activities include:

  • Holistic Healing: We teach your loved one that peace and happiness can come from recreational activity aside from substance abuse: music, yoga, meditation, hiking, and riding horses.
  • Group Therapy: This is a chance for your loved one to connect with the others at our treatment center and establish a supportive network made of people going through similar experiences.
  • Family Involvement: We know that you and your loved one will have things to say to one another, and this is the chance you have to do so in a healing, nurtured environment.

Preventing Relapse Aftercare

Addiction recovery remains a struggle for millions, almost especially after treatment. Many factors contribute to this, including a lack of motivation and the reemergence into their old surroundings. We provide your loved one the resources to stay connected to our support network and refrain from use.

Our Aftercare relapse prevention strategies include:

  1. Coping Mechanisms: Temptation will strike your loved one, but during and after treatment, we coach your loved one to resist it through tested coping strategies.
  2. Luminance Aftercare App: Our custom phone application allows your loved one to instantly stay in touch with our support network, complete with a location-based “Find a Meeting” feature.
  3. Follow-Up Appointments: This is our way of casually meeting with our clients after their stay. This allows us and your loved one to exchange insights and reinforce well-being.

Luminance Recovery yields some of the best results in our clients among nationwide treatment facilities. This is because that’s not our focus. Our focus is your loved one: understanding their motivation, developing a connection, and setting the proper foundation for long-term recovery so you can have your family back. Call (714) 408-9609 today to give your loved one the help they and your family need.

You'll Be In Good Hands With Us

We want to ensure your stay with us is a comfortable and safe one.

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