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Addiction is Not a Lifestyle: Ways You Can Take Steps Toward Recovery


For those with substance abuse issues, it can seem like there is no way out. Once this level of hopelessness kicks into high gear, the user finds him or herself living in a world s/he hardly would have recognized before the drug addiction took hold. And finally, rather than doing the things that once made the person happy, the things they once did like hiking, biking, attending family events, or going for a walk with the family dog are no longer a part of the everyday schedule.

This person’s previous way of being has been transformed into a lifestyle of addiction, which revolves entirely around drugs, when the next high will come, and how to get money for the next fix. A once vibrant persona is replaced by a ghost, wandering from sleepless nights to sleeping all day, making contacts with dealers rather than connecting with friends, and doing all they can to maintain their high — not the relationships that were once so precious to them.

Addicts Don’t Fall Out of Touch Because They Want To

It’s important to understand that those who are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol don’t stop visiting friends and family because they want to: it’s because their life has been turned upside down by drug abuse, and they literally cannot stop themselves — without help. Once they begin the process of getting help, people realize that addiction is not a lifestyle at all, but merely a way of surviving another day for another high. But there is hope, no matter how long a person has been using, and no matter what they may be addicted to.

The steps to recovery they must take will allow them to come back to their lives as whole people, but people who realize they are addicts, and that means getting the community support they need through Narcotics Anonymous or Alcoholics Anonymous. They will need a sponsor through these 12-step programs who can mentor them through the process of sobriety once they have completed detox and rehab at a professional recovery center for drug addiction.

The Steps to Recovery: Are You the Addict? Are You Ready to Change Your Lifestyle?

If you are addicted to drugs or alcohol, the path back to sober living is here for you at Luminance Recovery. With all the amenities, tools, psychiatrists, therapists, and other support staff to get you through the process of cocaine, painkiller, methamphetamine, or heroin detox, among others, you will get through detoxification in an inviting, warm environment with the use of a number of medical treatments that take the edge off of the detox process, ensuring a higher chance of success for you and those who love you.

If you are addicted to drugs or need help with alcohol addiction, you have options at Luminance. And you need to hear something important: You can do it, tens of thousands of people get clean and sober every year through inpatient drug rehab. What makes you so different? Get your life back — you have the power to do it — all you need is the will. If you can’t find the will, think about the lifestyle you once had: enjoying family and friends, engaging in activities you loved, tucking your children in at night. Those are the places you will find the will to recover from drug addiction: you are never “too far gone” to come back home, clean and sober.

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