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Alcoholism and How it Affects Your Family: The Most Important People in Your Life Need You


When you are in the throes of alcohol addiction, it is often hard to see how it is affecting those around you. This is usually caused by one of two reasons. One, you may be so concerned about yourself and the symptoms you’re experiencing, such as kidney pain, trouble maintaining employment, or dealing with detox shakes in public that are embarrassing and painful. Second, you may be so focused on alcohol itself, when you’ll be able to drink again, where you can hide bottles, how to avoid smelling like alcohol, and other issues that come with alcohol addiction, that you may have forgotten how to prioritize family in your life.

If you are experiencing these kinds of issues, there’s one critical key to keep in mind: your family needs you! To get yourself back to a place where you can care for your family the way you want to — and the way they deserve to be cared for — you’re going to need help for alcohol dependency.

How Do I Tell My Family I’m Going to Rehab for Alcohol Dependency?

Chances are, your loved ones are already keenly aware that you’re dealing with alcohol addiction — or at least that something is going on with you they can’t put a finger on. With this in mind, they will most likely feel like a huge weight has been lifted from them when you tell them you have decided to get help.

What Kind of Help is Available to Me for Alcohol Addiction Recovery?

There are two different kinds of rehabilitation for alcohol abuse, which differ based on the level of your needs: Inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation, or outpatient rehabilitation.

  • Inpatient Detox and Rehabilitation for Alcohol Abuse

If your addiction to alcohol is serious enough that you require inpatient rehab and detox, you’ll want to let your family know that you’ll be staying at the Luminance Recovery Center for a period of 30–90 days. Of course, we’re more than happy to speak with any spouse, parent, or other family member to help them understand the program and even mail literature for your loved ones to read.

  • Outpatient rehabilitation for Alcohol Abuse in Earlier Stages

If, on the other hand, you are dealing with a degree of alcohol abuse that can be addressed with outpatient care, you can let your loved ones know that you will be attending daily meetings (all seven days of the week), you will not need detoxification, but that you will be receiving a number of other treatments on an outpatient basis. Again, Luminance can mail literature to you and your family explaining the outpatient program for alcohol abuse, how it works, the types of therapies you’ll receive, and which kinds of counselors you’ll be working with utilizing the 12-step program and group sessions.

Getting Back Home: the New You and the New Way to Approach Your Family

Inpatient detox and rehab, as well as outpatient rehab will both change your outlook on the world, and you will learn how to handle the triggers that come up in everyday life so you’re prepared for urges to drink that will arise. With the tools you’ll learn in one-on-one therapy and in the group sessions you attend with others on the same journey, you’ll arrive home with a “toolbox” filled with ways to combat impulses. At the core of all of what you’ll learn is the goal of getting back to your life as the best person you can be, both for yourself and for your family.

Your family needs you: rehab and/or detox coupled with the help of a sponsor (who we will help you find in your home town) and continuing to work the 12-step program once returning home will allow you to focus on what matters most: loving yourself, and loving those who create the core circle in your life. After all, they have been waiting for the “real” you for a long time — give them all the love they deserve and continue to attend your AA meetings to ensure you stay on track with the work of staying sober — it is what will keep you grounded and able to rebuild trusting relationships with the people who love you.

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