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The Detox Process: a Guide to Assuage the Fears Keeping You from Recovery


More and more people today who desperately need help are fearful of seeking it. Questions and fear-based thoughts pop into the mind, including, “What about my job? I can’t be away from work that long!” or “Who will watch the children and care for the home? I can’t leave for months at a time!”

It’s completely normal to have these fears and for them to keep you from seeking the treatment you need to get your life back… your real life — the one you deserve and once again becoming the person that those around you depend on. The truth is, you aren’t performing at work or at home to your full potential when you are in the stranglehold of addiction. Whether it’s an addiction to street drugs, prescription medications, alcohol, or anything else, your self-worth is likely at the lowest it’s ever been when you aren’t living up to your own expectations at work and at home. To get your life back in order, you need help, and for many people who enter rehab, that means going through the “dreaded” detoxification process.

The Truth About Detox: Yes, It’s Hard — and Yes, YOU Can Do It!

Depending on what type of chemical dependency you have, the time frame for detox will vary, but for almost everyone, the first 48 hours are the toughest, as this is the onset where you and your body realize the drug of choice is no longer available. Completely out of reach from the drug of choice, the cravings, sickness, detox shakes, and other symptoms begin to appear. At Luminance, our dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and support staff will ensure you receive the medications you need to pull through this very difficult phase.

The medications we utilize will differ from one patient to the next, and on which drug each person is detoxing from. However, regardless of what you’re detoxing from, we have a variety of options to help ease the discomfort associated with those first hours, those first few days, and into the second week with some substances. While for many people there will be a life long desire to “just get one more hit” or drink. However, after detox and/or therapy, this desire will be lessened by a tremendous degree, and all of this will continue to work as you work through the 12-step program both at Luminance and upon returning home with your sponsor.

Throughout your detoxification, you’ll also be supported and cared for by our outstanding team of counselors, physicians, nurses, and others who will make your comfort their chief priority. At Luminance, we put your health and wellness above all else — and our award-winning team will pull you through your hardest moments, hours, and days of detox until you’re ready to integrate into rehabilitation.

When Will I Feel Better and When Will the Cravings Stop?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question, and even when discussing the same substance abused, each person will recover at different rates during detox. Because we assist those with all kinds of substance abuse, including cocaine, heroin, prescriptions, alcohol, and more, we know the proper protocol for each. But, for example, while one person in heroin detox may begin feeling better in five to seven days, another may feel better in four days, while another still may not feel better for nine days. The cravings will subside substantially for nearly all abused substances within two weeks — but there will be residual cravings that pop up here an there. For this reason, rehab is critical to full recovery. Chances are, you may find yourself having a craving 20 years from the day you earned your first sobriety chip: and this is when you call your sponsor.

The good news is, because we treat the whole person at Luminance, you will physically feel better even if you do have cravings. Your one-on-one meetings with your therapists and group activities coupled with art and music therapy will help diminish cravings as you learn to love life without the shadow of substance abuse obscuring the light in your life.

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