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What to Expect When Going Through Withdrawals


Once someone is addicted to a drug or alcohol, their body becomes dependent on the drug, making it a necessary part to function in their everyday lives. When this is taken out of their system for an extended period of time, the individual will go through withdrawals. This process is when an individual cuts back or completely eliminates the substances on which they rely. Here’s what you can expect if you or someone you love is going through withdrawals.

Emotional Withdrawals

When going through withdrawals, the addicted individual may be affected emotionally and mentally. They may have a change in mood and behavior, becoming more irritable or depressed. You may also notice that your concentration is lacking or that you are restless. It is also possible for you to isolate yourself socially, avoiding other people completely. Anxiety is another sign of withdrawals.

Physical Withdrawals

It can be scary to go through withdrawals as there are certain physical withdrawals that you may experience. Some of these include issues with the heart including palpitations, increased heart rate, and tightness in the chest. You may also experience sweating, tremors, nausea, and other feelings of illness. It may feel as though you are having difficulty breathing or tension in your muscles.

It is important to go through the withdrawal process with the help of professionals who can help keep you healthy. There are some dangerous symptoms of withdrawals that individuals may experience, including hallucinations, heart attacks, seizures, or strokes.

At Luminance Recovery, we understand how difficult it can be to go through withdrawals and the cravings you may experience. Our Orange County drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is designed to focus on our patients’ needs and help them reach their goals successfully. We have helped countless others get sober and overcome the addiction in their lives. If you need help, you can trust our dedicated team.

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