“Luminance gave me the strength to see deep inside the hardened, steel reinforced concrete armor I had built. Piece by piece they gave me the hope and desire to remove that tainted violent imposter who had invaded my body, mind and spirit.”

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Feeling Guilty about Your Addiction?

Here’s How Luminance Recovery Can Help

Nearly everyone who has successfully overcome their addiction has stood in the same place you are in right now. Your family is becoming angry and resentful towards you, and it’s easy to start internalizing those expressions and believe yourself to be worthless and the cause of your family’s destruction. It’s important that you know that you are anything but worthless, and your addiction can be beaten.

What You May Be Experiencing

It’s not uncommon that families simply don’t know how to cope or deal with your drug or alcohol addiction. They’ve never experienced it before, and a common response to a new threat is anger.

Your family and loved ones may have:
  • Kicked you out of your home
  • Given you an ultimatum
  • Ended contact with you
  • Notified the police or your employer of your addiction
All of these reactions can contribute your feeling of lowliness, and may even be a new trigger for your increased drug and alcohol use. Even though it feels hopeless, you need to know that this damage is not irreversible. You can turn your life around and win back those you love with the proper help.

Drug & Alcohol Addiction Treatment

Perhaps the largest struggle is deciding for yourself that you need help and actually doing something about it. You’re already halfway there. When you’re admitted into our facility, we will help you through every step of the way.

We are equipped to treat you during your detox process, help you regain confidence in yourself, and help you understand and overcome your own addiction. Throughout your road to recovery, we encourage your family to visit for counseling sessions, where we will begin to reconcile the stress, anger, and trauma that occurred during your battle with addiction. Hope is not lost, and you’ve come to the right place.

Call Luminance Recovery at (714) 408-9609 to restore the love once shared by your entire family.

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