There are people fighting for your life. Both your family and the team here at Luminance Recovery will be with you every step of the way.

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Family Addiction Treatment

Working Together to Heal Emotional Trauma

Alcohol and drug addictions not only have the potential to ruin the lives of the individuals addicted to the substance, but they also have been known to negatively and traumatically affect entire families. Dire family situations can be triggers for drug and alcohol abuse in and of themselves, but we at Luminance Recovery believe that when families are healed as a unit, they can be a wonderful supportive asset during your process of recovery.

Luminance’s Family Program

We encourage each of our clients struggling with addiction to invite their families to our center once or twice a week. Families then sit down with one of our certified and esteemed therapists to discuss the client’s progress and collectively address each other’s feelings and concerns.

We believe this to be beneficial for all parties involved because it’s not uncommon that a client wants to express their apologies to their family and know that they are still loved and forgiven. And members of the client’s family also want to express their feelings regarding the client’s history with abuse.
Among the many benefits of our family therapy program include:
  • A heightened level of understanding
  • Gaining the ability to effectively communicate
  • The opportunity to address deep-seated feelings reluctantly spoken of
  • Staying connected to your family while you are away, possibly for months at a time
  • Valuable information for those who may also be at risk of addiction for genetic reasons

Choosing Luminance Recovery for Your Addiction Treatment

Our center’s success rate is higher than the industry standard because we utilize innovative and effective treatment options that help you properly heal. Not only will you need medical assistance in treating your addiction, but your sobriety isn’t as likely to last without the proper emotional and traumatic support. We believe this is best achieved with the love of your family by your side.

Call Luminance Recovery today at (714) 408-9609 or fill out one of our online contact forms to speak to one of our specialists about finally getting the professional help you and your family deserve.

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