How It Works

How the Luminance Program Works

Promoting Success at Every Phase of Your Recovery

We at Luminance Recovery believe that every addiction can be beaten with the right staff and the right processes. It starts by individually devising the treatment plan best suited for you. From there, our team of medical and counseling professionals provide support from all angles. When it’s time for you to leave our facility, we make sure you have the coping tools necessary to stay sober, and we include you in our wide support network, leaving help always available to you wherever you are.

Individualized Assessments & Treatment Plans

In order to ensure the best results, our team makes it a priority to understand you and your addiction as meticulously as we can and as soon as we can. Our program is not structured to force every patient into a mold, but rather to devise treatment plans around your unique specifications.

Upon intake, our medical and counseling professionals start with:

  • A Full Health Assessment: This is where we obtain the full picture of the state of your mental and physical health, and determine what will be necessary for your detoxification process.
  • Personal Therapy: Your one-on-one therapist will help you address any secondary disorders related to mental health and then devise a personalized strategy for treatment of them.

Continued Care While In Treatment

Your personal, one-on-one therapists and our around-the-clock medical doctor will continue to work with you and treat you as necessary. As you become more accustomed to our schedule and systematic ways of operation, you will benefit from other interpersonal therapies.

You will begin to heal alongside others while participating in the following:

  • Holistic Healing Activities: These include art and music therapy, yoga and meditation, hiking, and even horse-back riding.
  • Group Therapy: This is where you become more comfortable with your recovery process, and become part of a safe and supportive network of fellow recovering addicts.
  • Family Involvement: Once or twice a week, we encourage family visits so that you and your family can communicate and begin to heal as a collective unit.

Aftercare & Relapse Prevention Planning

Although it may feel this way, your fight against addiction does not end with your stay here at Luminance Recovery. Your life outside of our facility will still present you with the temptations you experienced before treatment, and it’s up to use to prepare you for long-term drug and alcohol abstinence.

Our program helps you stay clean and sober after treatment with:

  • Coping Strategies: Our counseling professionals will teach you techniques for avoiding relapse when faced with an adverse situation or great emotional trauma.
  • Our Aftercare App: We’ve created a system by which you can always stay connected to your support network with your mobile device.
  • Follow-Up Meetings: Our staff may recommend that we see you periodically after your treatment to help you fight urges to use and help you readjust to sober living outside of our facility.

The Luminance Recovery program is successful because not only do we provide excellent and comprehensive services while you are in our company, but we make sure you are getting the care you need long after treatment.

Call (714) 408-9609 to speak with one of our specialists today and take charge of your addiction.

You'll Be In Good Hands With Us

We want to ensure your stay with us is a comfortable and safe one.

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