Jesse's Story. This Is Me.

Jesse Otawka

Jesse is a Substance Abuse Counselor/ Behavioral Therapist at Luminance Recovery Center. He is a certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor through CCAPP/CAADAC and studied at Intercoast College in Riverside, California.

I’ve been there before. I know what you’re going through.

Our very own Director of Counseling, Jesse Otawka, has a profound understanding of substance addiction, both as a studied and certified counselor and as an addict himself. For 10 years, Jesse struggled with addiction while working as a musician and unsuccessfully attempting to substitute drugs and alcohol for answers to life’s difficult questions. Jesse found a sense of belonging and a way to help others who are battling what he did several years ago. For Jesse, drug and alcohol counseling is a means by which he can give insight, inspire hope in lives that may to them seem bleak, and continue his own ongoing strive toward the best version of himself that he can be.

“Why do I feel so different?”

The very question that Jesse believes can be a driving force to substance abuse is also for him an unexpected opportunity to realize the beauty in ourselves.

Substance abuse can be a reaction to any number of different forms of adversity that many of us face throughout our lives. For Jesse, it can be inspired in part from the frustration in being unsure of who it is that we are or where we belong. Jesse came into treatment in search of an answer to that question, and since becoming an addiction counselor, has found the place where he belongs. Now, Jesse’s drive is to help those like him find a keener understanding of themselves, and teach them that being different does not have to be the burden it once was, but the celebration of human nature.

“When I finally admitted to myself that I needed help, that’s when things started to get better for myself.”

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I get it. I’ve been there too.
If you need somebody to talk to, I’ll be there for you.

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