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“Not only have y’all offered me sobriety and recovery, but y’all have given me peace, something I lost in my addiction.”

“I left my home and family and stepped on a plane bound for California, not really knowing what to expect. More importantly, I stepped out in faith to fulfill what God was calling me to do. I was scared to death; I’ve never been in a treatment center before. I’m just a country boy from Texas. I never could’ve imagined that I would be clean and sober in someplace like this. Since the first phone call I made to try and get help, it has been God’s lead. Every step of the way has been divine intervention. The people I’ve talked to, the place where I’m at now, everything. I didn’t have the money or insurance; God made a way. Since coming here, I have learned so much. Priceless tools to stay sober, gut check therapy, awesome group sessions, medical help, and medication I’ve needed for 25 years. The staff has been caring and concerned for my needs, from the Intake Coordinator to the house of managers to the drivers. Every one of the employees of Luminance has made my life so comfortable and made me feel safe. You have given me a trusting environment and conducted yourselves as professionals. Not only have y’all offered me sobriety and recovery, but y’all have given me peace, something I lost in my addiction. I blasted a drum in Rock to Recovery, and cried in equine therapy. Y’all offer a wide range of recovery methods. I’m so grateful, thankful, and truly blessed for y’all. Whether you know it or not, God has used everyone of y’all to help change my life. I can’t put into words how truly awesome y’all are, and how much I’ll miss my new family. I’m so very thankful for all of you. I know now I can stay sober, and it’s because you showed me how.”


“I have learned that I am not my traumas…”

“I hope that you will always know what a gift you are from God. What you and George have created in Luminance is an opportunity for lost souls with no hope and shattered hearts to receive a miracle. I am one of those souls. Thank you for providing a safe place and the extended time I needed ro become human again. The Luminance staff took amazing care of me and guided me through some brutal traumas, memories, and feelings, and helped me heal. I have learned that I am not my traumas, I am not a bad person even though I made bad choices, and I am stronger than I ever believed. I learned that people see good and worthiness in me, and I am starting to get to know that person. I thank you for that first phone call you made to me that convinced me that you just might be able to help me. I came in hopeless and hollow. Luminance breathed light into me and helped prepare me for the next chapter in my journey. Thank you for showing me that miracles are possible if you really want it and work for it. I love you!”


“Luminance gave me something that I had never gotten from any treatment center before.”

“I was homeless, hopeless, and high. I had once again fallen into the trap of my old ways. I wanted to email you to say thank you for what you did for me. You took me in without question and provided a place I could collect myself. Luminance gave me something that I had never gotten from any treatment center before. It was the level of personal care and consideration where not only are fellow clients your friends, but even the staff become a fast part of your fellowship. It was hope and determination from passionate, lucid therapists, counselors, and house managers. I saw a real attitude change: My face now follows my heart, and I’m no longer ashamed of who I am, and I live a life that rectifies the negatives of my past. I now get to be a little more like the man I always wanted to be every day. I live my life on the principles of honesty, open-mindedness, and willingness. I work part time for a local nonprofit organization that works with homeless youth. I have many service positions in 12-step programs, and I’m working with close friends to start a non-profit of our own: a recovery network and opportunities for addicts in need. I wouldn’t have these amazing opportunities today if it wasn’t for Luminance, if it wasn’t for you taking me in immediately and providing opportunities to grow, and if it wasn’t for people there who helped me sort myself out: counselors, groups, and therapists making me sit through discomfort in private sessions, night staff putting up with me and making me go to bed; if it wasn’t for you and them I wouldn’t get to be the man I am today. Today I get to be comfortable in my own skin, and I get opportunities to do the next right thing and be of service in my community. Thank you to everyone at Luminance who helped me grow and be closer to the man I want to be today.”


“This program is the best!”

“No place is perfect. There are always going to be ups and downs. I have been to other rehabs and I think this program is the best!”

– Anonymous

“Believes in me”

“[my house manager] gives so much love. She encourages me everyday and shows me it is possible to stay sober. She puts up with all my shit with a smile and still believes in me. She has a special place in my heart. I will always remember her compassion and love she gives to us. She is amazing!”

– Anonymous

“Luminance Recovery saved my life.”

“Luminance Recovery saved my life. I found myself on the beaches of Orange County. Me? The despicable drug addict from nowhere Washington state. But Luminance gave me the strength to see deep inside the hardened, steel reinforced concrete armor that I had built. Piece by piece they gave me the hope and desire to remove that tainted violent imposter who had invaded my body, mind, and spirit.”

– Anonymous

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