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How Insurance Coverage Works in an Addiction Treatment Center


One of the most common reasons for someone to avoid going to an addiction treatment center is the concern regarding costs. It’s important to know, though, that there are many instances in which insurance is accepted and can help the party receive the care and treatment they need. Not many people are aware of this, though, so they hesitate to inquire. Here is some important information you should know.

Using Insurance for Addiction Treatment

Because a number of people have concerns regarding finances, Luminance Recovery wants to make sure that the financial aspect is not a deciding factor in the choice to get help. Because of this, we work with each person who comes to us for help to discuss a plan with your insurance company, allowing you to get the treatment necessary to begin this next chapter in your life.

Certain types of insurance are not accepted, so it is important to do your research and discuss with a professional at our center who can help you understand what is available to you. If you are willing to make a change, we work hard to make a plan with your insurance company that helps you start the road to recovery without the added stress of finances.

Some of the insurances we accept include:

  • Aetna
  • BlueCross BlueShield
  • Cigna
  • GroupHealth
  • UnitedHealthcare
  • Medica
  • And more

We truly care about every person who puts their trust in us to help them change their lives for the better. No matter the substance addiction, we have personalized plans to work with each person and guide them down the right path to sobriety. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, we can do whatever it takes to provide the treatment options needed. At the end of the day, our goal is to restore hope and empower change.

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