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Supporting a Loved One Through Rehab & Recovery


If your loved one has made the decision to get the help they need to overcome addiction, it is important that you and other friends and family are taking the proper steps to support them in their journey. To help make rehab and recovery a successful path for your loved one, here are some things you can do to show your support.

Be Encouraging

Know that your loved one is going to have cravings and there will be temptation for them to pick up their addiction again. Instead of judging them on this, take the time to encourage them. Let them know that they can get over the cravings. Explain that there are ways to avoid the temptations and let them know that you are there to help them if needed.

Create a Support System

Whether it is just you, your family, or the addicted individual’s friends, building a strong support system can be the difference between recovery and breaking sobriety. Make sure everyone is on the same page and can provide a listening ear should your loved one need to discuss their addiction or anything at all.

Help Find a Hobby

Any chance for the addicted individual to keep their mind busy and off of the addiction is a good thing. Promote certain hobbies that your loved one can do without the concern of relapse. Perhaps hiking, working out, wood work, or any other situation in which your loved one can focus on productivity instead of their addiction.

Reassure Their Ability to Get Through It

There are many times during which your loved one will feel that they can’t do this and that they need their addiction. Your job is to give them motivation, reassure them that they can get through this difficult time and they have a helping hand in you. This can help increase the positivity and set them up on the right path moving forward.

Our Orange County drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is the perfect place for anyone who wants to have the support and treatment they need. Luminance Recovery has helped many individuals recover from their addiction and move forward in life in the best possible manner.

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