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The Detoxification Process at Luminance


Founded in 2015, Luminance Recovery offers a comfortable, home-like atmosphere where you are treated with the utmost respect. In a welcoming and comfortable environment, we help you overcome the feelings associated with addiction and the issues you may be dealing with due to the use of drugs or alcohol.

A wide range of treatment programs are available:

  • Adult Drug and Alcohol Addiction Program
  • Young Adult Rehabilitation
  • Professional / Executive Addiction Program
  • Intensive Outpatient Programs
  • Trauma / PTSD

Our Goal

Our goal at Luminance Recovery is to ensure that every person who walks through our doors is empowered by a sense of self-worth. We also strive to help you get over addiction and to reconnect with friends and family. Of course, the most important goal is to assist with a successful recovery from addiction for the long run.


The treatments at Luminance Recovery are individualized according to each person’s need. The accommodations are peaceful and homelike, not like that of a hospital or clinic, giving a comfortable environment for you to enjoy. A wide variety of therapy is offered through art, horseback riding, wilderness activities, yoga, and meditation.


Different types of substance abuse affect the brain in different ways. That is why we offer an individualized detox program for each person. The detoxification is based on each case according to what substance was abused, and how long the client was addicted. Detoxification is monitored by professionals around the clock, and the many activities included in the detoxification process assist in helping you learn how to gain pleasure from other diversions instead of through the use of drugs or alcohol.

Our Facility

At Luminance Recovery, you will find a homelike and comfortable environment. The housing is located in Southern California, along the seaside. Besides the medical staff, we offer a wide range of therapy including art therapy, equestrian therapy, wilderness therapy, yoga, and meditation. Luminance Recovery accepts a wide range of insurances.

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Luminance Core Values

It’s not easy to live up to these standards – to be the best, most compassionate, the most innovative. We take pride in what we’ve accomplished. But we’re constantly evolving because there’s always more we can do to raise the bar. It will take bravery and stamina to continue the legacy we’ve established. But in typical Luminance fashion, we’re always up for a challenge.

Our Core Values