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How Healthy Habits Aid In Recovery


Think of habits kind of like a skeleton, that gives your body its structure. Without your skeleton, where would you be? You might be a puddle on the floor. The skeleton gives structure to the body; the bones in our bodies provide a framework that the rest of the body can rely on. This is true also about your habits. Healthy habits help us recover from addictions in three major ways:

1. Healthy Habits Change Your Self-Image

A number of individuals dealing with an addiction often deal with difficulties regarding the way they see themselves and their image. It’s important, however, to help build the self-image and work on confidence in the individual. Part of this is what leads individuals to addiction in the first place. Improving an addiction can go hand-in-hand with the ability to build confidence regarding your self-image. This will improve the way you feel overall.

2. Healthy Habits Bring You Into Contact with People You Will Want to Spend Time With

Have you ever been in a room and you can just feel the energy of it? You can start to feel anxious, or excited, or angry, just by being around a certain atmosphere and crowd of people. That can seem like a negative thing, but it is not if you use it to your advantage. Try being around people who you admire, who inspire you, or who make you feel good about being you. Healthy habits can put you into situations that you would not find yourself in otherwise. You can be introduced to valuable groups through the habits that you develop.

3. The Little Things Add Up to a Brighter Reality

Our lives are made of tiny little moments, all stacked one on top of the other. What we do in each little moment might seem insignificant, but as a whole, it starts to form a pattern and a picture. The little healthy habits that you form (like smiling, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or stepping outside into the fresh air), start to add up until they have a major impact on your life! The little moments where you chose differently change the whole picture! That is the power of habits, and we can leverage this power in the recovery process by making lots of little decisions that add up to big change.

Healthy habits are powerful tools. Just like the bones in our bodies, they give us structure and support. Habits might seem small, but they can be hugely beneficial as we go on the journey of recovery. Working out, eating right, and surrounding yourself with the right people can all be helpful in battling the addiction someone may have. Our team at Luminance Recovery is here to help.

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