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Rebuilding Your Life After Addiction


After a series of addiction treatment therapies are successfully completed, former addicts will notice several significant changes in their lives. Alcohol and drug dependence shifts the control of thinking patterns, emotional balances, and physiological responses away from the mind of the individual, and toward the whims of substance reactions. Post-treatment life is noticeably different in that it restores a person’s sense of overall clarity.

Decision-Making Processes

The more a person falls into a pattern of addictive behaviors and dependencies, the less control they will exert over normal daily functions. Common responsibilities and behavior patterns change to facilitate the acquisition of substances that divert personal energy from where it is best used. This is precisely why addicts make poor life choices, especially in eyes of family, friends, and society.

When a person is freed from addiction and the need to derive false pleasure from substance abuse is gone, they regain an incredible sense of clarity. Without the adverse effects of substances on the brain and the psyche, people can enjoy conversations, examine past personal choices accurately, and form strategies for staying sober in the future. Like a comatose patient reemerging from a deep state, an addiction treatment graduate can regain a truer vision of what functioning normally in society means.

Repairing Relationships

Though a recovering addict has a long and difficult path to take for life, an immediate benefit to treatment includes reconnection with loved ones. Just as addiction forms a barrier between the individual and a sensible decision-making ability, it also puts up a wall between friends and family members.

Being free of the shackles of addiction allows a person to put their real self forward when it comes to interacting with other people. Truth, and acknowledgment of the need of a support system creates environments where former addicts can learn again what it is like to communicate in a way that is inviting to people. This is important for rediscovering the joy in having a close personal network ready to help in sustaining sobriety.

Other positive life changes that happen after treatment include the ability to seek and sustain employment, improved physical strength and overall wellness, experiencing financial gains, and finally sensing periods of personal contentment. These are exciting and attainable benefits, but the greatest joys arising out of treatment completion involve the deeper aspects of self-awareness and meaningful relationships. Experiencing clarity after completion of addiction treatments at facilities like Luminance Recovery is possible for anyone suffering from drug and alcohol dependence.

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