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What Makes Luminance Different Than Other Treatment Centers


There are a number of treatment options out there for individuals who are addicted to a substance. This means the options available for individuals are vast, but you still need to make sure that you make the right choice. At Luminance Recovery, we like to hold ourselves to a high standard, always working to remain atop the industry when helping those who put their trust in us. Here are some of the things that set Luminance apart from the rest.

Personalized Approach

Our team takes a personalized approach with each person who comes into our center. Our treatment plans are designed to fit each individual need we encounter. Whether a person is going through the 30 day, 60 day, or 90 day recovery process, they can have a team dedicated to what it is they need. There is no default approach to recovery and you shouldn’t be treated as though there is.

Positive Environment

Because we know how difficult this time and process can be for the individuals in our center, we always aim to keep the environment positive. While some treatment centers are more like clinics, we like our accommodations to be peaceful, home-like, and comfortable. This helps motivate individuals to get the help they need without feeling like they are in addiction treatment.

Long-Term Dedication

When it comes to helping addicted individuals, we don’t just forget about people when they leave our center. We are dedicated to long-term success, which means providing the resources you need to do well when you go home. Our team teaches individuals to use therapy and meditation methods when they are done at our center so they have the best chance of maintaining their sobriety.
Choose a treatment center that really cares about the people they help. Luminance Recovery is completely committed to helping each and every person on their path to sobriety and we are dedicated to your success.
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Luminance Core Values

It’s not easy to live up to these standards – to be the best, most compassionate, the most innovative. We take pride in what we’ve accomplished. But we’re constantly evolving because there’s always more we can do to raise the bar. It will take bravery and stamina to continue the legacy we’ve established. But in typical Luminance fashion, we’re always up for a challenge.

Our Core Values