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Inpatient rehab is the process by which those struggling with addiction can completely detoxify and regain their sobriety with the help of doctors and other medical and counseling professionals. As opposed to outpatient rehabilitation – which chiefly takes place at home with a few checkup appointments to our facility – inpatient rehab provides an individual looking to take control of his or her addiction the medical attention they may need, the emotional support, and the demonstration of a healthy lifestyle that best encourages lasting recovery in the future.

Inpatient Medical and Professional Staff

At our Orange County rehab facility Luminance Recovery, our excellent staff is comprised of industry professionals in every area needed to help you successfully complete detoxification, to treat mental illnesses, and to provide emotional support throughout your rehabilitation process.

Many addictions, such as those to opiates like heroin, will require medical assistance in enduring the withdrawal as painlessly as possible. Our doctors know exactly what’s happening to your body, what medications to provide, and are available around the clock to assess emergency health conditions.

Emotional Support at our Orange County Inpatient Rehab

Along with detoxification and withdrawal, the transition process from your old life into your new one can be a difficult process emotionally. Our team of psychiatrists, therapists, and counselors are there for these precise reasons.

Our team helps Luminance Recovery patients get through their difficult transition and teaches them ways to take control of their behavior once they leave our facility. From addressing the root cause of our patients’ addictions to simply being there for a late night talk, our staff is there to promote maximum comfort and success in beating addiction for good.

Learning Healthy Lifestyle Habits

Part of the difficulty of reversing an addiction is getting used to the new lifestyle. At home, it’s easy to fall into the same patterns that enabled drug or alcohol abuse, lowering chances at a successful recovery.

At Luminance Recovery’s inpatient rehab, our patients follow a schedule loaded with productive activities such as exercise, healthy meals, and working with counselors and other patients to talk through their everyday struggles. Our hope is that after leaving our facilities, our patients continue these healthy habits that combat the desire for drug and alcohol use.

Through all of these supportive programs and services, Luminance Recovery focuses on treating every patient individually, assessing his or particular needs in successfully overcoming alcohol or drug addiction. Call one of our helpful staff members today at (714) 408-9609 to begin the healing process.

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