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Faith Based Rehab & Recovery in Orange County

Using Spiritual Support to Help with Your Drug or Alcohol Addiction

Luminance is now offering a Christian enhancement to our treatment program that includes participation in our regular treatment curriculum. The program is framed within a biblical perspective and includes sessions with licensed therapists and counselors, along with 12-step meetings.

Our faith-based healing and recovery program promotes faith in Christ as the most powerful recovery tool available for those who have lost their way through the use of drugs and alcohol.

The Spiritual Side of Recovery

Many people who are dealing with drug or alcohol addictions seek spiritual support in trying to detox and recover. Using the power of prayer, therapeutic workshops, Christian fellowship, church services, daily reflection of God’s word, and evidence-based treatment practices, our professionals help you reconcile and restore broken relationships and reclaim your inner strength and dignity through a renewed faith in Jesus.

Luminance’s Christian track is run by our full-time Pastor, Pete Cropsey. He has been a senior pastor for 20 years and has 27 years of involvement in 12-step recovery. Pastor Pete’s passion is helping people shed the strongholds of addiction (2 Corinthians 10:3-6), and reach their full, God-given potential. The Pastor makes himself available to clients on a voluntary basis for one-on-one prayer and biblically guided Christian counseling.

In addition to on-site interaction with our Pastor, Luminance offers a Wednesday night church service with worship music by Jennifer Dietz, followed by a very applicable Bible Study prepared and given by Pastor Pete. Luminance also arranges for clients to attend Pastor Pete’s church (First Love Church in Costa Mesa) every Sunday.

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Luminance is not an overtly Christian-based treatment center. In fact, we want to see anyone who has been ravaged by this devastating disease we call addiction be transformed and live a life full of purpose and passion. We welcome any and all with open arms who are seeking help.

It is our hope that by providing this Christian Track to our existing program that people who have questions about Christ will see the transformation in clients who have received Jesus and be drawn to the Word of our Lord. We have been blessed to witness many who have lost their connection to God through the guilt and shame of addiction be restored to His glorious light, as well as self-proclaimed agnostics, and anti-religious turn to the one true and living God.

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